Bac en eau

Water Bath for a Circular Size Grader


  • Reduces breakage due to age-related fragility.
  • Optimises the yield.


  • Optimised with 15 kg of storage per bath.
  • CC XXL 3S: up to 400 kg/h with 2 operators at the input + 1 or 2 sorting.
  • CC XXL 4S: up to 200 kg/h with 1 operator at the input + 1 sorting.


  • Once it has been graded, the asparagus
    is transferred to the water baths.
  • The water circulation system keeps the asparagus moving, with around 15 kg of asparagus per water bath.
  • Each water bath includes an inclined crate holder for easy loading.


  • The equipment is made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Clean water wash.
  • The water should be changed and the baths rinsed daily.
  • The system should be purged at the end of the season (ice!).


  • Output water baths
    (3 or 4 depending on the size grader model)
  • The circulation bath is placed on the ground, equipped with a submerged pump with float
  • All the necessary piping


  • CC XXL 3S + water baths: 2.70 m x 3.30 m
  • CC XXL 4S + water baths: 3 m x 3.50 m