Visio Pack

Visio Pack

Automatic sorting and bundling machine for white and green asparagus

Options: – Weighing/counting system connected to the PLC. – Curved element and roller conveyor to remove the full crates at the end of the crate collection belt. – Empty crate storage shelf.


  • This machine can sort asparagus and automatically feed a bundler or flow wrapping machine without any need for an operator.
  • It offers manpower savings of around 30%!


  • Hopper capacity: 350 kg to 500 kg as standard, 1000 to 1500 kg/hour for white asparagus with 10 operators.
  • For green asparagus, it varies greatly depending on size. (500 to 1000 kg/h)
  • 10/12 asparagus/second


  • Fed by our CLA800 or 1500 washing machine.
  • Optional vibrating and loading belt.
  • Sorting carried out using a colour camera.
  • The loose asparagus is collected in strategically positioned trays.
  • Options: Scales on each output.
  • The crates are removed by a shared conveyor.
  • The asparagus is automatically fed into a bundler or flow wrapping machine and released onto a turntable.


  • Remote maintenance via HD internet connection.
  • The machine is made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Very easy to maintain.
  • Clean water wash.


  • Easy maintenance thanks to its industrial system
  • The machine is compatible with white and green asparagus
  • Vision system connected to the PLC
  • Power supply: 230/400 V three phase + N + E
  • Total electric power: 6 kW


  • Total length: approx. 25 m (depends on the number of outputs)
  • Width: 3 m
  • The machine is controlled via a large, user-friendly colour operator control panel.
  • The machine allows you to set different thresholds.
  • You can configure the outputs, sending different categories to the bulk and/or bundle outputs.
  • You can also set the desired weight for each bundle output (250 g, 500 g, 1 kg or other).
  • The machine saves the quantity of asparagus sorted by category.
  • It is backed up on a USB drive in Excel format.
  • Remote maintenance via HD connection.
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“Our design department creates machines according to your needs and requirements. We can also adapt the size of the machine and the number of outputs, offering various options on request.”