Submerged oyster sorting machine with consecutive gratings

This machine is designed to sort oysters and other shellfish in their natural setting.


  • This machine is designed to sort oysters gently, in their natural setting, to avoid causing any stress.


  • Varies according to the type of oyster (spat or ready to sell), and the desired quality in terms of sorting.


  • The basic principle is similar to the “standard” submerged sorting machine with layered gratings.
  • This machine uses consecutive gratings instead.
  • The sorted oysters are released at the side into a hopper below the gratings and placed onto an inspection belt or directly into chutes to be transferred into pouches/baskets/bags.


  • The machine is robust and made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Capacity: ≈  5 m3 of water


  • Power supply: 380 V + neutral + earth
  • Equipped with an electronic speed control for the movement of the gratings


  • Standard: 2/3/4 or 5 gratings
  • Length: from 3500 mm to 7500 mm
  • Width: 2300 mm